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The Restricted Audience

Ratings for you, not the game I think it’s easy to forget how restricted rating systems in games work.  In North America we tend to see the Entertainment Software Rating Board / ESRB ratings.  And in Europe you tend to see Pan-European Game Information / PEGI ratings.  In Japan it’s the Computer Entertainment Rating Organization… Continue reading The Restricted Audience

A Raft Made of Backlogs

Lost in the dream sea The backlog list is so big.  I love media, but this is getting ridiculous.   Disney announced a ton of stuff, and now a gigantic swathe of games just popped up for Nintendo, SEGA, and Sony.  There is also that pile of books I should read as well.  But is… Continue reading A Raft Made of Backlogs

There is No Status Quo

Glow in the dark There are going to be a fair bit of spoilers for these titles: Parks and Recreation, the TV show: major spoilersSuper Mario RPG: Major spoilersMarvel Cinematic Universe Infinity Saga: Major spoilersFinal Fantasy VIII: First 13 hours spoilers Although I spoil things, I am still purposely very vague.  This doesn’t mean they aren’t… Continue reading There is No Status Quo