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Unfortunate Hiatus

You’ve probably noticed I’ve been posting few and far between my posts. I have run into some unfortunate circumstances that have rendered me less able to post very much at all. If it were up to me, I would continue this as much as I can, but I just would like to make it officially… Continue reading Unfortunate Hiatus

Why I Love: Dark Souls

Death and Conflict For clarity, I played Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition, not the Remaster. Dark Souls.  What a troubled game.  Remember when I talked about that toxic culture in the article Why I Love: Celeste?  Well, I’m not going to talk about that here.  We get it.   Dark Souls is an action RPG… Continue reading Why I Love: Dark Souls

Why I Love: Celeste

Humble Beginnings, Humble Endings My Introduction to Indie and Thanks to Maddy Thorson Sorry for the hiatus.  I had an unfortunate episode with something, but now I am back and hopefully that doesn’t happen again. The origins for me loving Celeste go all the way back to when I was young and indie games were… Continue reading Why I Love: Celeste