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Note: This is a really long round up, just so you’re aware. This year I decided to go with a theme on what games I will be playing from the backlog, and it was Assassin’s Creed. I’m not sure why I chose Assassin’s Creed because if you know me you know I am usually peeved… Continue reading 2021.

Committing to Never

Designing and playing games that don’t end There are a lot of reasons why we play video games.  And for a good amount of us, and I can definitely say for myself, we play for the story. So what about those people still playing after the story? The design of games that don’t end have… Continue reading Committing to Never

Unfortunate Hiatus

You’ve probably noticed I’ve been posting few and far between my posts. I have run into some unfortunate circumstances that have rendered me less able to post very much at all. If it were up to me, I would continue this as much as I can, but I just would like to make it officially… Continue reading Unfortunate Hiatus