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Why I Love: DOOM

Not Just a Nostalgia Thing The classic game DOOM is an obvious icon in video game history.  The series still lives on today with the newest release of DOOM Eternal.  But all the way back in 1993, this little thing came into the house through a set of floppy disks and introduced my family to… Continue reading Why I Love: DOOM

Being an Active Audience

No Backseat Directing I’ve talked about this before, but it’s something that I always feel so pushed to emphasize all the time.  This applies to books, movies, games, or really, almost any medium that delivers a story or rise in interaction.   You’ve run into them before.  You know, the people who say they saw that… Continue reading Being an Active Audience

Nintendo Games Can Be Difficult

Remember the Struggle I was ignorant in gaming for a long time.  I don’t mean racist or a straight-up gatekeeper or anything, but like a….kind of almost ignorant gatekeeper?  I hate when people say Nintendo games are for kids.  They are fit for them, but that doesn’t mean they’re designed solely for them.  It’s the… Continue reading Nintendo Games Can Be Difficult