Thoughts on Summer Game Fest Part I

Summer Time Lovin’

This is just going to be a bit of rambles on my thoughts of, as the title implies, Summer Game Fest so far.  These are just selected things out of the huge group of games, so don’t expect all of them.

The Callisto Protocol

I admit I’ve never finished Dead Space…1.  I got about half way through it and it was really good.  I’m not good with horror games, but there are certain horror games that don’t scare me.  I don’t know why, because I am really easily scared.  Dead Space is one of them.  That being the case I was able to play some of it and I really, really like it.  This game captures that same feeling again.  I’m just worried about Dead Space (2023), because now it’s going to have to compete with a game that’s really meant to be almost the same.  It’s not even like, two competing games in the same genre.  It’s Dead Space and Dead Space: The Callisto Protocol.   Even more so now that the latter is no longer involved with PUBG.

I will likely be playing both anyway.

Final Fantasy XVI

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before but I have a fixation on completing games in release date order.  …and this is XVI.  I still have a ways to go.  However, I’m still really excited about this.

Resident Evil 4 (2023)

Another horror game that I was actually scared of (which is dumb, because I feel like Dead Space is technically scarier than RE4), that I somehow played through.  Resident Evil 4 is my favorite game in my small pool of horror games.  So I definitely am ready for this one.  I’m excited for expanded story elements.  And Ashley, who I still feel like is one of those characters that you have to save that doesn’t feel like a derp AI.  I know she frequently calls Leon for help, but for some reason to me, she still felt kind of independent in her preemptive actions.  Maybe it was just a coincidence for me, but the AI performed well.  She showed that she was still scared (who wouldn’t be?), but that she could still do things even if she was.  I like the co-existence.

Wait, this is about the Remake.  Yes. I’m ready.  Sorry. I rambled.

Spider-Man for PC.


Modern Warfare II, not to be confused with Modern Warfare 2

…look.  I’m a campaign gal.  And frankly I’m quite tired of the reused-ness of Call of Duty.  It’s not that there was a lack of effort in the making of the game, but that reusing old stuff that isn’t even that old is just…it doesn’t look great.  It feels like money-making.  The reason why I like indie games and Nintendo is that they take risks.  Nintendo has had some major flops, but I really feel like they learn from them.  Unless you’re the Online/Virtual gaming side of Nintendo.  I don’t know what’s going on there.

I like weird attempts like Call of Duty: Ghosts and even things like Call of Duty: Vanguard.  I liked it when they went a different route back then with Black Ops.   I mean, Battlefield took a bunch of weird turns and look at their multiplayer fanbase.  It is torn to shreds. But I still like that they keep going in unique directions.  Man, I guess what I’m saying is all that weird stuff they were going off the rails with in Advanced Warfare and stuff, that was great.  Even if it wasn’t…great for multiplayer.  It was great for the campaign.  Well, I guess I just proved their point then, huh?  It has to be Modern Warfare II if they want the money from multiplayer and Warzone.  Okay.  Fine, Activision, be that way.  Hmph.

Aliens: Dark Descent

I like games like Alien Swarm, but…this game looks a little wonky.  That, like, five seconds of gameplay at the end looked kinda weird.  But, we’ll have to see when it’s done.  I love co-op, but finding people to play with is difficult, especially because I am super picky, and I’d rather people not have to deal with me and vice versa.


I love Starcraft.  And I’m really hoping this can scratch that itch.  I mean, not that Starcraft 1 or 2 are anywhere near dead.  Well, maybe SC2.  Thanks for abandoning co-op, you sickos.  Anyway, maybe this will be good?  I have no idea.  I need to see in game stuff for this to really try and dig into the wallet.

Honkai: Star Rail

…I will probably play this?  I think I know, I mean, er, yes but it’s all wrong.  I still play Genshin Impact, and, oh no, there’s also Zenless Zone Zero.  Mihoyo is trying to eat up all my time.  But I do still want to play both.  There aren’t enough games that are originally in Chinese that I can play.  I mean, some people say that it’s originally Japanese.  In that, that is, I think I disagree, but it’s nothing to get hung about unless people get colonist about it.  (Which is almost every single time.)

Warhammer: Darktide

Well, if you read my previous article, you know that I am so ready for this.

The Last of Us: Part I on PC


Animal Well and A Little to the Left

These two indie games are the ones that I’m really interested in.  I love the weird liminal feeling of A Little to the Left and Animal Well brings me back to old, creative indie platforming days.

There are other games that I am also interested in, but I have no interesting thoughts on them other than that I am interested in them.

This has been a pretty mellow summer game time, but I’m still pretty hyped for stuff.  
Thanks for letting me ramble. 
But also…what games are you getting hyped for from Summer Game Fest so far?!    


Cheers if you noticed The Beatles.

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