Sold in Translation

The one-inch-tall barrier Warning: Once again, I am talking about colonialism. If you don’t like that, there’s a TLDR at the bottom, and while I do apologize for the continued use of the topic, I do not apologize for talking about it itself. I’m a subs kind of gal.  And before you stop me there,… Continue reading Sold in Translation

Patch Notes Ver 2022.11.22

Quick updates Hey guys, this is Patch Notes. Short updates on my life. I need to post this because I haven’t been very active lately. I’ve been dealing with some very difficult social stuff that has impacted my emotional and mental health pretty heavily. United States’ Thanksgiving is also this week, so I’ll be busy… Continue reading Patch Notes Ver 2022.11.22

I’m Concerned for You VR

Do you want me to leave the door open or closed? I’ve been thinking about this over the past year.  I’ve always been a bit concerned about VR.  Initially, I didn’t like VR.  I mean, the concept I absolutely love.  It’s a very typical gaming dream, but there are always a few things that always… Continue reading I’m Concerned for You VR

Why I Love: Resident Evil 4

Conquer the darkness Okay, I think for most people who play horror games, Resident Evil 4 is not really that scary.  But it’s scary enough to be called a horror game.  I think some people consider Bioshock to be a horror game, but I wasn’t ever really scared in that for some reason.  …maybe. I… Continue reading Why I Love: Resident Evil 4

Spooky Time

It’s spooky time. That means the Mad King in Guild Wars 2.That means Geheimnisnacht in Vermintide 2.It means pumpkins in Deep Rock Galactic.It means all the games that I have played that have Halloween in them have Halloween.All the ones that haven’t, may have them now.All the ones that I haven’t yet played, could be… Continue reading Spooky Time

The Restricted Audience

Ratings for you, not the game I think it’s easy to forget how restricted rating systems in games work.  In North America we tend to see the Entertainment Software Rating Board / ESRB ratings.  And in Europe you tend to see Pan-European Game Information / PEGI ratings.  In Japan it’s the Computer Entertainment Rating Organization… Continue reading The Restricted Audience

A Raft Made of Backlogs

Lost in the dream sea The backlog list is so big.  I love media, but this is getting ridiculous.   Disney announced a ton of stuff, and now a gigantic swathe of games just popped up for Nintendo, SEGA, and Sony.  There is also that pile of books I should read as well.  But is… Continue reading A Raft Made of Backlogs

There is No Status Quo

Glow in the dark There are going to be a fair bit of spoilers for these titles: Parks and Recreation, the TV show: major spoilersSuper Mario RPG: Major spoilersMarvel Cinematic Universe Infinity Saga: Major spoilersFinal Fantasy VIII: First 13 hours spoilers Although I spoil things, I am still purposely very vague.  This doesn’t mean they aren’t… Continue reading There is No Status Quo


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