Gaming Identity

Master of None I’m usually trying to find a set arc of things to write about in every article, but this is also a personal “blog”, if I can call it that.  A lot of things here are based off of personal experience and opinions, but at the same time I want it to be… Continue reading Gaming Identity

Intentional Playing

Playing to work?  Or playing to play? I’ve written about this in the past, but I feel like bringing it up again. I have an issue I’ve been working on the past year or two.  I am so caught up in being productive.  I have a job and my art production on the side.  While… Continue reading Intentional Playing

No Post This Week

This is a busy week. There are a lot of stressful activities going on at the moment. I won’t be able to post this week. I hope any of you going through final exams and whatnot are having a balanced time of relaxing and working hard. Keep it up!

The Big DLC

The Great Paywall Sometimes I think about gaming and how expensive it is.  Although it’s not necessarily required to get a gaming computer because there are plenty of good low-end PC games that are super fun, usually gamers will get a gaming device.  That could be a used 3DS for like $200 or less.  Or… Continue reading The Big DLC

Lone Wanderers Together

Single Player Co-op I’m definitely a single player gamer.  If it has to be multiplayer it better be cooperative play, and even then I might just play through the whole thing by myself.  For example, The Division series I played 98% by myself.  I like taking things at my own pace and style.  My playstyle… Continue reading Lone Wanderers Together

To Play a Game

Getting lost in getting lost ANNOUNCEMENT: I’m going to try and post more regularly now, but the posts will focus less on game design and more like a blog for me as a gamer.  I understand if this is less interesting or too different and if you don’t want to continue following that is fine. … Continue reading To Play a Game

Breaking The Fourth Window

SPOILERS FOR VARIOUS GAMES AHEAD Note: This is a little bit rant-ish. I have a very hard time with fourth wall breaking moments in games.  Sometimes it’s uncomfortable, but that’s not the reason why it bothers me.  It really bothers me because it’s almost always assumed to be a “Hi, I got you there, didn’t… Continue reading Breaking The Fourth Window

Gender: Locked

What gender locking means for the player Lost Ark just came out, and just like Black Desert Online there are classes that lock genders for different classes.  A lot of people hate gender locking.  Gamers nowadays think it’s very archaic.  But what does it really mean for us from a design standpoint? I think gender… Continue reading Gender: Locked


Note: This is a really long round up, just so you’re aware. This year I decided to go with a theme on what games I will be playing from the backlog, and it was Assassin’s Creed. I’m not sure why I chose Assassin’s Creed because if you know me you know I am usually peeved… Continue reading 2021.


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