The Restricted Audience

Ratings for you, not the game I think it’s easy to forget how restricted rating systems in games work.  In North America we tend to see the Entertainment Software Rating Board / ESRB ratings.  And in Europe you tend to see Pan-European Game Information / PEGI ratings.  In Japan it’s the Computer Entertainment Rating Organization… Continue reading The Restricted Audience

A Raft Made of Backlogs

Lost in the dream sea The backlog list is so big.  I love media, but this is getting ridiculous.   Disney announced a ton of stuff, and now a gigantic swathe of games just popped up for Nintendo, SEGA, and Sony.  There is also that pile of books I should read as well.  But is… Continue reading A Raft Made of Backlogs

There is No Status Quo

Glow in the dark There are going to be a fair bit of spoilers for these titles: Parks and Recreation, the TV show: major spoilersSuper Mario RPG: Major spoilersMarvel Cinematic Universe Infinity Saga: Major spoilersFinal Fantasy VIII: First 13 hours spoilers Although I spoil things, I am still purposely very vague.  This doesn’t mean they aren’t… Continue reading There is No Status Quo

My Natural Attraction

No, I’m not talking about people. I was thinking that with the ULTRA, I should be able to compile a list of what genres I tend to be attracted to.  After making an Excel sheet and messing around with stuff in there I created this table.  Explanation from left to right: First Person Shooter (FPS),… Continue reading My Natural Attraction

Loud Voices, Small Voices

Voices in the Crowd I’ve been thinking a lot about yesterday’s post.  I don’t apologize for a lot of it.  Most of it had to be said.  Perhaps it was not as celebratory as it should’ve been.  This is Game Praisers, but I also need to state some crap going on.  And while it is… Continue reading Loud Voices, Small Voices

Genshin Impact: 2 Years

Cultural Impact…for better or worse? Warning: This is a bit rantish and raw.   Wow.  It has already been two years since Genshin Impact was released.  Time flies, but life hasn’t been really fun.  Luckily, Genshin has been. I’m just going to take this time to talk about a couple of things in my experiences of… Continue reading Genshin Impact: 2 Years

Sentimental ULTRAs

In a minute, I’mma need a… Objective lists of bests always make me scratch my head.  I know there will always be at least some bias in lists, but my favorite rankings I hear from people I talk with are the ones that are very emotionally biased.  I’m talking nostalgia, events that transpired during plays,… Continue reading Sentimental ULTRAs

Advanced Boredom

Forest of the Mind I’ve been writing articles, and I will write the whole thing thinking it was great.  I do the proofreading and realize…this article is not great.  I’ve done that a couple times now, and I guess I’m just not feeling it.  All the articles I’ve written were not cutting it. But I… Continue reading Advanced Boredom

Why I Love: Subnautica

Fear and Fun Subnautica is sci-fi, exploration-survival at its best.  Let’s dive right into it.  Er… sorry. Subnautica is a survival game where you crash land on an ocean planet.  The normal survival mechanics exist where you have to manage hunger and thirst.  You’ll have to manage your oxygen as you dive into the depths. … Continue reading Why I Love: Subnautica


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